kids fiesta meal

Kids Fiesta Meal

Our new Kids Fiesta Meal: steak or chicken with beans, rice, corn tortillas, & churros and chocolate sauce for dessert!! Guaranteed cheesy smile


sangria love

A labor of love… counting the days until we can taste the end result of our sangria prep 

Barbacoa Tacos

Barbacoa Tacos

These Barbacoa Tacos are no joke 🤤 Slow Braised Lamb with Tomatillo Salsa, House-made Pickled Onions, Radish, and Micro Cilantro on a blue corn tortilla. WOW. 

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary time

Concentration is key when perfecting a Bloody Mary 👌 Swing by to see what makes our so good and Chris will take care of you!

shrimp tacos

Shrimp Tacos

Our favorite day of the week has arrived 😄 Who’s joining for taco Tuesday? 

little league support

We love our Little League Teams

We 💙 our Little League teams! Happy baseball season, everyone! Post game celebrations at Playa? Guac & chips & tacos for the kids, margs for the parents.

Walnut Infused Mezcal

Walnut Infused Mezcal

Feeling “Sofisticado” tonight?? We have just the drink for you 😜 Come see how we use this Walnut Infused Mezcal!

Oro Blanco

Oro Blanco

Want to switch it up this Monday? Give our “Oro Blanco” a try! Mixed with Tequila, Aloe Liqueur & Coconut, it’s the perfect jumpstart to the week 👌Cheers!

seasonal flavored margaritas

Swing by

The Friday feeling we all deserve 😜👌 Swing by and join the party!

jicama tortillas

jicama tortillas

Our favorite day of the week, and one of our favorite Playa tacos! Look at those jicama tortillas! Happy #TacoTuesday!