The only thing better than an empanada? A platter of them. Or maybe two. Endless empanadas can be your next big party favor – contact us for catering requests, big and small!

Ahi Tuna Tuesday

Getting a bit unconventional and going for an Ahi Tuna Tuesday instead of Taco Tuesday – because we’re serving up some of the freshest fish you’ve had in awhile!


Margarita Monday, just the tequila edition. Because sometimes you don’t want to mess around with all that fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juice and just cut to the chase

Meet Victor

Say hello to Victor, your new best friend – because he’s bringing you your wood-grilled calamari and Playa Caesar, plus a side of that friendly smile 😄 Come for the food, stay for the people.

Flautas for Taco Tuesday

f you’re not feeling traditional this Taco Tuesday, go with the chicken flautas – they’re so dreamy and smothered with Cotija Cheese, Sour Cream, Mexislaw, and Mango Salsa. See you soon!

Prickly Pear Marg Monday

Our friend Marmee of Saha Berkeley knows the secret to Margarita Monday: order our secret menu Prickly Pear Margarita and sip it under the redwoods out back!


Here at Playa, we’re big fans of art – in the food, on the walls, and in the faces of the people who make everyday a new adventure. Cheers to beauty everywhere, come join us in celebrating it!

Watermelon Salad

If you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday but hold the carbs, we have plenty of tasty, healthful options – like our Watermelon Salad! Throw in a Marg and you won’t even miss the tortillas ✌️

Taco Tuesday time

How to Taco Tuesday: couple o’ tacos, couple o’ dranks. Get down here and celebrate like it’s still the eclipse!!

Margarita Monday = Mule Monday

Sometimes, Margarita Monday = Mule Monday, and is best spent with the ones you love ❤️ We’ve got Margs and Mules for all ages, just ask for one sans alcohol and your kiddos can enjoy too!