Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna Tuesday

Ahi Tuna Tuesday seems like it should exist. So let’s do this thing – get in here and treat yourself to something tasty and healthy!

Girl Power, Vanessa Higgens and her daughter

Girl Power

Girl power is the best kind of power. We love seeing Playa proprietor Vanessa Higgins teach her daughter how to be a #girlboss – leading by example!

Margarita Monday

Margarita Monday

And this is what it looks like to be posted at Playa for Margarita Monday. Any signature Playa marg for $9…so what are you waiting for?

margaritas and Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Isn’t Taco Tuesday really just an excuse to have a margarita on a weekday? Works for us.

Gulf Prawns

Gulf Prawns

For those of you who want all the flavor and all the health, Chef Omar has your back! These Grilled Gulf Prawns with Green Lentil, Summer squash & Black Garlic-Pepita Relish are the best way to say YES to the weekend…with a cocktail too, of course!

pups love Taco Tuesday

Pups love Taco Tues too!

Because pups love Taco Tuesday too – and are more than welcome on our patio!! Bring the whole gang down like @aliconig did, it’s a party

Industry Night every Monday $9 marg, beer, special taco!

Industry Night Monday…$9…

Join us for Industry Night every Monday – a great way to kick off the week, AND the summer! $9 gets you a signature Playa marg, a beer, a shot, AND a taco…this has to be the best deal in Mill Valley 🎉 And go ahead, invite your friends…everyone works in SOME sort of industry, right?

Tequila probably won't fix your life ... but it's worth a shot.

Tequila at Playa

Tequila probably won’t fix your life but it’s worth a shot.   …and we’ve got an entire WALL of tequila for you to choose from this lovely Friday night!!

carne asada tacos

Taco Tuesday carne asada

Word on the street is it’s Taco Tuesday and we’ve got some killer carne asada tacos for you to dig into!!