PLAYA Catering Coming Soon

Since we love you guys so much, we’re about to go anywhere you want us – PLAYA Catering is COMING SOON! We recently catered a goodbye party for dear friends and it was a blast. Stay tuned for details!

Tortilla Soup

It’s not often that 4th of July and Taco Tuesday coincide – stop by and celebrate both with us!! We’re feeling some tasty Tortilla Soup today…paired with some classic cocktails, of course. Let’s party Playa style!

Prickly Pear Marg

Our Prickly Pear Marg is the perfect way to add some flavor to your Margarita Monday!! Come party with us here at Playa, it’s always a good time when tequila gets involved

It’s Taco Tuesday again!

Get down with some shrimp tacos on a jicama tortilla this Taco Tuesday! Yes, they are gluten free and low carb so you can indulge on a Tuesday without breaking your diet.

Margarita Monday Paloma

What better way to do Margarita Monday than with a Paloma at Playa?? Come join us for Monday Funday, because we’re still feeling pretty proud and ready to drink to that!

Ap pastor tacos

We take Taco Tuesday VERY seriously around here…and these al pastor tacos will probably change your life. Make a reservation now and you won’t have to wait for these beauties!

Alaskan halibut

Because we’re feelin’ fancy tonight, and you deserve to treat yourself – this Alaskan halibut Veracruzana is the perfect burst of fresh flavors and whole, healthy ingredients you’ve been craving. Come try something new here at Playa!

2 tacos on Taco Tuesday

2 tacos on Taco Tuesday – as it should be. We can’t wait to serve you up a taco party tonight, come on down and we’ll brighten up your week with some fresh flavors and local ingredients.

Our bartender Nicole

You’re in good hands this Margarita Monday with our lovely bartender Nicole making your margs, and our fantastic server Etzael bringing them to you with a smile. Stop by and hang with us to brighten up your week!

Zio Ziegler

Every time we look out our back window, we’re floored by the talented Zio Ziegler brought to this wall. SO honored to feature this amazing local artist’s work, we hope you all enjoy!